Explain Like I’m Five

You’re a researcher, and you know all these theories ranging from Foucault to Box. You know how to talk shop with your colleagues. When you talk, a string of esoteric words just roll smoothly off of your tongue. For those in your field, they nod approvingly, drinking every single word that you have to say. […]

We Should All Be Aggressively Against Bad Design

A couple of days ago, BBC posted an article revealing how gameplay contributes to feelings of aggression. The University of Oxford conducted a study that examined how other factors apart from content may impact players’ aggressiveness. In the study, participants felt aggressive when it was difficult to master the game-play. Regardless of whether the game […]

We Are Back Online

Hooray! There are many exciting things happening at Local Narratives, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. First, as you can tell if you’re reading this on our website, we have a new look (and a new logo)! The original layout was a bit a text heavy, so we’ve changed it to […]

There is Power in the Normal

It’s human nature for us to remember events or things that stand out from the norm. Think of the pyramids in Egypt or the Google Glass. They are different, because they don’t fit within the typical realm of design possibilities in their respective design categories. The pyramids of Egypt were unlike the typical graves of […]

$1 per Stop Will Keep the Angry Residents Away…Right?

Back in January, a reader has requested for me to give an update on the shuttle bus issue in San Francisco. Due to having just returned from a trip and my intention to ramp up on a new study, I had to put the update on hold. In January, companies like Google and Apple decided […]

Part 3: What’s Your Story? Health and Well-Being

Ah, the new year always compels people to make resolutions, and it is well known that one of the most common resolutions Americans have is to lose weight and/or get fit for the year. Like many others out there, I too aspire to be healthier this year by exercising more and eating healthier meals. As […]

Part 2: What is your Story? Why Maury Matters

I had never appreciated The Maury Povich Show (Maury for short) until recently in these past few years. For me, Maury was a show of poor taste where people are paid to get on a talk show to air their dirty laundry to the public. Infidelity, sex secrets, out of control children…Maury purposely creates controversy […]

Part 1: What is Your Story? Building Narratives and Why They Matter

Narrative building is not just for bards, writers, and other creative professionals. It is part of our everyday lives. Our actions and our words are our life stories. Today, I want to deconstruct this idea of the narrative, because it is far too common for people to move on after they’ve grasped the theme of […]

What is a city?

Traditionally, cities are complex physical and social structures that attract high concentration of development. It is a place where various resources can be found in close proximity to each other. Such density of people and resources encourages new networks and ideas to be formed, which makes a city a fertile ground for innovation.¬†For this reason, […]

Shipping Containers Refitted for the Urban Lifecycle

RAD LAB: Urban Park in Downtown San Diego This came across my Facebook page, and at first, I thought it was just the typical urban park with some modern design aspects created by some students. However, upon closer inspection, I found that part of the design plan is to use shipping containers as retail space. […]


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